Treasure Island Museum

Keeping the Ocean

At Bay

How the Design for the New Treasure Island Reckons with Sea Level Rise

Online Exhibit Creators

Executive Producer, Writer, Curator, Researcher
Louisa Campbell

Lead Designer, Lead Developer, Curator, Researcher
Brooke Smith

Illustrator, Designer, UI/UX Consultant
Bhavya Gupta

Climate Scientist/ Sea Level Rise Projection Mapping and Models
Lucien Simpfendoerfer

At Treasure Island -

Lead Archival Photo Researcher and Treasure Island Museum Operations Manager
Rane Stark-Buhl

Photo Researcher, Humanities Mellon/Treasure Island Museum Intern
Dimitri Yanovsky

Editorial Assistant
Anna Morel

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Treasure Island Museum Board of Directors

Mike Hennahane, President

Walt Bilofsky, Executive Vice President

Anne Schnoebelen, Vice President

Mimi Manning, Vice President

Carol Lustenader, Secretary

Randall Ramian, CAPT, SC, USN (Ret), Treasurer

Tom Andrews, RADM, SC, JSN (Ret)

Morton Beebe

Chris L’Orange

Rebecca Schnier, AIA

Vincent Traverso

Clair Isaacs Wahrhaftig

Dimitri Yanovsky, Humanities Mellon Scholar, Board Representative

Zoe Dell Lantis Nutter, In Memoriam

Consultants to Treasure Island Museum Board of Directors

Ginger Thomson, Virginia Thomson & Associates

Paula March, March Partners

Special Thanks to

At the Treasure Island Development Authority -

Fei Tsen, Board Chair

Bob Beck, Director

Liz Hirschhorn, Assistant Development Program Manager

At Engeo -

Uri Eliahu, President

Stefanos Papadopulos, Geotechnical Engineer

Chris Stouffer, Project Engineer

At Moffat & Nichols -

Dilip Trivedi, Dr.Eng, PE and Vice President

And ...

Lauren Stahl, Senior Associate, CMG Landscape Architects

Laura Shipman, Director of Community Development and Planning, One Treasure Island